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Adam Schaaf piano rebuild

Before succumbing to the Great Depression, the Adam Schaaf piano company had been building high-quality pianos in Chicago since 1873. We had the pleasure of re-building this 1896 instrument last month:

Adam Schaff Upright_mini

No matter how finely crafted a piano is, time takes its toll. So there was quite a bit of work to do to get this unique piano back to like-new condition. Here are a few of the tasks we performed to restore this piano:

  • Replaced tuning pins, bass and treble strings
  • Reconditioned the original shanks, flanges and whippens
  • Installed new hammers
  • Repaired and refinished the original soundboard and bridges
  • Buffed all original hardware to shine and remove tarnish
  • Reconditioned the original finish

Here are some more photos of this rebuild:


Part of restoring this piano involved restoring the finish. Here’s how that looks across the keyboard.


The case art on this Adam Shaaf piano stands out and makes the instrument unique compared to many others. A restored finish helps it to stand out.

2015-07-17 19.56.00_zps1plzreng_mini

This particular Adam Schaaf featured beautiful plate art under the hood.

We were very pleased to get the opportunity to restore this piano. If you have an old piano that is in need of restoration, or if you’d like us to have a look at an old piano that you’d like to buy, call 405-285-8324 or request an estimate online.

He is a knowledgeable technician and I appreciate and trust his judgment. Cheryl Tarter
Guthrie, OK
Church Choir Director, Retired music teacher