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In your hands for just $116 per month*
Amati Grande Cello
Rent-to-own: $116 per month*
MSRP: $4,800.00
Purchase Price: $2,995.00
Finish: Varnish

Amati Grande Cello

This model would be an acceptable instrument for serious players auditioning for college.

The Amati Grande cello is made from loft dried tonewoods that have been aged for a minimum of five years.

During the aging process, sound-deadening resins evaporate from the wood, reducing the instrument’s and allowing the plates to vibrate freely.

The Grande cello features a beatiful hand-applied German varnish.

Your purchase includes padded bag and professional shop adjustment.

You can rent-to-own this cello for low monthly payments.

Get your Amati Grande cello today! Contact Bruce Music with any questions about our Oklahoma City cello rental program.

Brand: Amati
* Lifetime warranty. If something breaks, bring it back and we'll fix or replace it. Month-to-month, cancel anytime. All payments apply to the purchase amount.
Highly professional and skilled. Mark Houts