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In your hands for just $29 per month*
Oldenburg Student Violin
Rent-to-own: $29 per month*
Purchase Price: $249.00
Finish: Natural

Oldenburg Student Violin

An excellent, value-priced violin outfit, built to provide an attractive, properly made and adjusted outfit, and even includes superior components for superior response and tone. The quality of the OLDENBURG line make it an excellent choice for budget-conscious players of all ages.

All OLDENBURG instruments feature seasoned tonewoods for longevity, proper construction for durability, correct dimensions to ensure proper hand position, and detailed attention to the full factory shop adjustment and selection of upgraded components to ensure playability, tone, and comfort. Every instrument is fully factory adjusted, with ebony pegs, nut and fingerboard, well-fitted maple bridge, composite tailpiece with four built-in tuners and quality Prelude steel core strings.

Each violin outfit features wood bow with horsehair and shaped case with zippered cover and rosin.

OLDENBURG Specifications include:

  • Properly fitted ebony pegs for tuning ease.
  • Ebony nut and fingerboard for durability and wear resistance.
  • Properly contoured fingerboard for easy note articulation.
  • Select, seasoned tonewoods for stability and tone.
  • Well-fitted maple bridge for superior sound.
  • Carbon composite tailpiece with built-in tuners for ease of tuning.
  • Shaped case with zippered cover and covered accessory compartment.
  • Wood bow with horsehair and rosin.
  • Quality D’Addario Prelude steel core strings.
Available Sizes: 4/4, 3/4, 1/2
* Lifetime warranty. If something breaks, bring it back and we'll fix or replace it. Month-to-month, cancel anytime. All payments apply to the purchase amount.
It's amazing to have this kind of technical expertise in a family store in town! Cory King
Edmond, OK